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  • Magento: Grouped Product Vs. Bundled Product

    Magento experts

    According to its Website at, “Magento Commerce is the leading provider of open omnichannel innovation.” Their system enables merchants to combine digital and physical shopping. They can manage orders and inventory for distribution centers, stores and dropship partners. The Magento Community Edition can be downloaded for free. The latest supported versions are CE 1.9.4 and 2.0.2 released on January 28, 2016.

    This article compares grouped and bundled product systems. The similarity of the two makes them difficult to explain, but the differences are important. We’ll start by giving examples of both which are from Magento experts.

    Grouped Products

    A grouped product consists of several individual products displayed equally on a product page. Products of a similar nature, such as a plate, a cup and a saucer, are usually displayed together. Quantity boxes with each allow customers to decide how many of each they want before they add them to the shopping cart.


    • Set of Knives – This example appears on Magento’s own website. It allows the customer to buy a set of chef’s knives and decide how many of each size the set contains. ** Tableware Set – Similarly, the customer can determine how many plates, dishes, saucers, cups and other types of tableware are in the set.
    • Box of Pens – This is a convenient way for your company to buy pens to distribute to its clients. The grouped product works well for buying in bulk and you can still decide how many pens of each color you want.
    • T-Shirts – The purchasers can merely go to the T-shirt page and select the number desired by a range of options. For example they can be grouped by size and color.

    Bundle Products

    You can think of bundle products as those your customers may easily customize to their requirements. They choose what accompanies the products and how high or low to set the specifications. This gives them the ability to design the product the way they want it. The products displayed need not be closely alike.


    • Building a Computer – This, the most famous bundle product at Magento’s Demo Store, allows the buyers to customize anything they want while building their own computer. That includes even the desired size processor or monitor, extra graphic cards or any other special item.
    • Xbox Bundle – Anyone deciding to buy a videogame console would be lucky to escape with just the console itself. Almost always the purchase of some type of bundle offer is compulsory. This makes the Magento bundle product attractive. The buyer can pick which console he wants, including color and specifications, along with any desired extras: additional controllers, Xbox Live Subscription, DVD remotes and even add a few games to the bundle. It makes a clever way for businesses to increase their markup on sales. The consoles themselves don’t actually return much of a profit. The bundles do.
    • Tennis Racket – You can even build a bundle around a single item like a tennis racket. Your customer can choose the grip size, the number of strings he wants and even the tension of the strings. Throw in a racket bag and a couple of extra grips for a comprehensive bundle.
    • Fishing Rod and Reel – In other systems these might be sold separately. As a bundled product they can be sold as a kit, with fishing lures and other fishing tackle thrown in.

    The major difference between the two is that the grouped product allows customers to decide the quantity of the item they want. The bundled product provides for the addition of items and customization.

    So, Do They Have Much In Common?

    Yes. Quite a lot in fact.

    • Make Simple Products First – Grouped and bundle products both require beginning with simple products.
    • No Inventory – The grouped and bundle products themselves have no inventory. They are simply set into or out of stock.
    • The Products Can’t be Created Via Spreadsheet – Unfortunately, grouped or bundle products cannot be created by means of a Magento spreadsheet and the methods for putting them together preclude the use of standard spreadsheets.

    To Put it All Together

    The development of grouped and bundle products creates new types of products in a nimble fashion not be possible in any other system. This enables the merchant to sell multiple products of different types at one time instead of selling them individually.

  • Consider Roof Restoration Before Buying a New Roof

    roof restoration

    After a few years of living in my current home, I have started to notice some leaks on roof. The leaks are not heavy, but they can be a bit annoying. And I have been thinking of buying a new roof to solve my problem.

    Rainy season is coming soon and I don’t want it raining outside and inside my house. I do not want rainwater damaging the house and everything on it. I may not have expensive belongings but I have worked hard each one of them.

    My first thought was to buy a new roof. You know, to have a complete roof installation. So I researched about the cost, the procedure and for the service provider options. The cost almost chocked me to death. The average cost of complete roof installation is way beyond my means. I would probably need to get a loan to be able to avail of the service.

    Of course, that is not an easy task to accomplish. So, I went on with my research. I need to find a way to get my roof replaced. I think I have contacted about three service providers before I finally got the best answer.

    There was this one start-up roof service provider that offers highly affordable roofing services. They have online and phone support so I dialled their number immediately. I was accommodated right away. The person who answered my call was very polite. He greeted me and asked about what they can do to help me.

    I went right into telling him about the leaking roof and that I was thinking of availing their roof installation service. The other person on the line was very patient and listened to me until I was done telling him about my problem. I also informed him that I have tried other companies and that their rates were too much for me. I said that I was hoping they could provide me with high quality

    He then told me that they can help me out. And he also gave me an option to just have the roof restored. I was not really considering that because my mind was set on having the whole roof replaced.

    The other person on the line though was being very convincing. He tried explain to me about the benefits I can get from roof restoration. He also explained about the procedure and how the whole service will really benefit me.

    I told him that I will think about and will call back. He said that they offer free estimate. I kind of liked that. So I gave him my home address and told him that I will wait for their representative to come. The following day, the roofing specialist was knocking at my door. We talked for a while and then he went on to do his job. After a while, he explained to me the kind of damage that my roof has suffered. He also gave me the details on the services that they can provide. Yes, my options include roof restoration and roof replacement.

    I asked him about what he would recommend. He said that they usually try to save the existing roof and so, he would recommend roof restoration. He quoted me on that service and it was a fair enough cost.

    I thanked him for the free check-up and estimate service and assured him that no matter what roofing service I finally decide on, I will surely get them to do it. He said thanks and left one copy of his notes with me.

    That night i contemplated on the information laid out for me. I still think a roof replacement will be the best solution. But since I don’t have the money for that, the restoration option was starting to sound really tempting.

    The following morning I went through my finances and tried to see if I can pay for the roof restoration without causing damage to my savings. Yes, I got enough money in the bank for the service.

    So, I made the call. Told the roofing company that I would like to hire them for roof restoration. They were happy about my decision and the schedule for the process was arranged and agreed upon. I was quite happy that they can actually start with work immediately. They even offered assistance in preparing the house, which was something I really appreciated. I live alone and I was really trying to think hard about preparing the house for the roof restoration process.

    When it was time for the restoration to commence, everything was ready, including me. I let the men do their job and waited for the result. It took the men three days to finish, which was a day less from their estimate of four days. I was again happy. I watched those men work and from what I have seen, they really worked to perfection. Nothing was done in haste. They were professional and skilled. There was no room for misunderstanding between them. Each one of them has their own task to do and they all did their jobs well.

    On the last day of work, I thanked them for the good service they have provided. They thanked me for hiring them. All in all, I was satisfied with the result. My roof really looked brand new even though I only had it restored. And the best thing of it all is that I only paid a fraction of the cost that I would have paid for a roof replacement.

    To sum it up, I was really able to save money. It’s a good thing I did not pursue with buying a new roof. Roof restoration really did the trick.

    Fussy Roof Restoration from Oliver Black on Vimeo.